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Commitments and Sacrifices to Academic Needs

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Academic Activities

Academic Talk

Academic Talk was initiated by a number of CSAN members who love to talk about their research, their papers, their readings, etc during frequent Friendship Dinner. Their primary purpose was just to get comments from their folks; but eventually they also found that this way helps them memorize what they were writing or reading and releases them from stress as well. It also creates a culture of sharing among friends. Noticing all these benefits, they decided to set it up as one of CSAN activities. The atmosphere in Academic Talk is not very formal. It lets people talk, discuss and debate in a friendly and relaxing way. The topic for talking is not strictly limited to the main talker’s field of research. He/She may choose one among what topics they feel interested and submit it to the Facilitator who will subsequently make appropriate arrangement. Though in principle it takes place twice a month, the schedule arrangement of Academic Talk is very flexible. It is usually fixed up based upon the number of people who volunteer to be main talker and upon the availability of the main talker as well as other participants. If you appear to know interesting topic and would like to talk it out and get feedbacks from our folks, please feel free to drop a word to the current facilitator, Mr. NOP Kanharith, through the following address:

Cambodian Economic Initiative

CEI is a Cambodian students’ session, held every Friday, to discuss and share knowledge about development and economic study. They take turn making presentations about their research themes and presenting important economics and development textbooks. Through this session, CEI members can learn economics and development in both Cambodian and international context. For further information, please contact CEI coordinator: Ms. CHHUOR Sryneath through:


Cambodian Legal Update Major Club, called “ClubClum”

Purpose: Mutual “Friendship, Help, and Share” of knowledge, know-how, experience, and result of academic research.

Rule: “Morality and Commitment” of each member to achieve the motto and purpose of the study club.

Activity: “Update Major” in each phase of the “beginning, midst, and end” of research paper/thesis.

Duration for Presentation: 3 minutes and 28 second for summarizing the whole thesis, in principle.

Date: Every Friday, can be changed up to the busyness of the members.

Location: Central Library

Coordinator: Hem Sras

Legal Japanese Language Study