Cambodian Students Association in Nagoya

Commitments and Sacrifices to Academic Needs

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CSAN Standing Committee 2012-2013

Board Advisors

1. KuongTeilee (Mr.)    :      Senior Advisor

2. NgovPenghuy (Mr.):       Senior Advisor

3. Hun Seng (Mrs.)       :       Advisor

4. NopKanharith (Mr.):      Advisor

CSAN Standing Committee

1. PokPhearoun (Miss):    President

2. Men Kongkea (Mr.) :     Vice-president

3. NeangPanha (Mr.)   :     Secretary General

4. SynnSovannroth (Mr.):    Secretary General

5. NuthSotheavy (Miss):      Financial Officer

6. NongMonin (Mr.):             Cultural Officer

7. Lim Muyleng (Miss):        Cultural Officer

8. CheaSeavmey (Miss):      Public Relation Officer

9. Lim Lyhong (Mr.):            Public Relation Officer

10.  OuRatanak (Mr.):          IT Officer