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Policy Statement made by CSAN presidential candidate

December 19th, 2008 · No Comments

The following is the Policy Statement submitted by Mr. SAR Senara, the only candidate for CSAN Presidential Election 2008-2009.


Candidate’s Personal Details
Name : SAR Senera (Mr)
Affiliation : Graduate School of Law
Field of Study : Civil Procedure
Status : PhD Student (D1)
Contact Info. : E-mail: Phone: 090-####-####


– Having been aware of the initial objectives of CSAN which are (1) strengthen solidarity of Cambodian students in Nagoya, if possible, and students in other areas of Japan; (2) to make Cambodian students’ lives in Nagoya easier; and (3) to promote academic and cultural spirits;
– Desiring to contribute to the accomplishment of the aforementioned objectives;
– Believing that maintaining the objective (3) of CSAN would promote the prestige of Cambodian students in Nagoya as a whole;
– Endeavoring to lead the prospective Committee for the better of CSAN for the year to come;

I hereby lay down the policies to be implemented during my term as the President of CSAN mandated 2008-2009 as follows:
1. Maintaining the initial objectives of CSAN;
2. Strengthening the mechanism to effectively maintain and promote the achievement of the initial objectives of CSAN;
3. Promoting the awareness of the existence of CSAN and CSAN’s activities among Japanese students and foreign students in Nagoya;
4. Promoting cooperation with Japanese students, foreign students and other communities for the interests of CSAN’s members and/or those of Cambodia’s prestige.

In order to carry out the above laid down policies and to achieve the objectives to the maximum level, I am committed to establishing the relative mechanism as follows:
1. Strengthening the good understanding, faithful cooperation and transparency among the members of Committees;
2. Promoting the management skill among the members of the Committee by giving each of them main job descriptions, and ensuring their abilities and commitment towards the tasks entrusted;
3. Communicating all necessary information related to all decisions and activities made and conducted in the name of CSAN to all members of CSAN;
4. Getting CSAN members other than those of the Committee involved in all decision makings (to approve or dismiss any plan/project proposed by the Committee)
5. To the maximum level, getting all members of CSAN involved in activities conducted in the name of CSAN.
6. To enforce mechanism (4) above, new voting system(s) will be established according to the decision of members of the Committee.

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